How to Adopt Process Orchestration

Vision, People and Technology

Get started with process orchestration by defining a vision, building a team, and selecting the right tech stack.

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Process orchestration coordinates the various moving parts (or endpoints) of a business process, and sometimes even ties multiple processes together.  

Over time, improving process orchestration maturity can help scale your automation efforts and empower your organization to achieve its strategic business outcomes. It all starts with aligning stakeholders, creating an effective strategy, and having the right people and tools in place for you to execute successfully. 

This is the first eBook in a two-part series that overviews steps for implementing process orchestration. Part one will cover vision, people, and technology to help you:

  • Define a vision for process orchestration that is rooted in your company strategy.
  • Create a team to effectively deliver solutions.
  • Build a hyperautomation technology stack, and make it accessible throughout the organization.

Stay tuned for part two which will discuss process delivery and measurement.