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CamundaCon 2023


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Presentations Day 1


Opening Keynote

Jakob Freund, Camunda


Konnector Kitchen

Joe Pappas, Camunda


This session introduces Camunda Connectors and the new Marketplace. Learn what connectors are, discover how to create your own, and explore a range of available connectors. Get ready to unlock the power of seamless connections in this insightful session.

Booz Allen Hamilton-1

Leveling Up Business Process Management at the U.S Patent and Trademark Office

Daniel Ragan, Jon Becker, Holly Giles & Matt Price, Booz Allen Hamilton


The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s Trademark Product Line (TMPL), like many federal agencies, is on a journey of modernization. Booz Allen has supported TMPL for over two years to accomplish goals like improved customer experience, increased automation, reduced legacy system complexity, and empowered business users, by applying business process management solutions. Join BPM experts from Booz Allen as they describe five uses cases for applying Camunda to modernize the Trademark application lifecycle.

zurich group

How We Cut Our Change Lead Time for BPA in Half With BDD

Laurenz Harnischmacher & Stefan Post, Zurich Group Germany


When inconsistent process logic made frequent redesign and reimplementation necessary, Zurich Group turned to Behavior Driven Development as a framework to drive end-to-end process automation. The results: change lead time cut in half, enhanced test automation and optimized collaboration between business and IT. Join this enlightening talk with Laurenz Harnischmacher to find out exactly how they did it.


Kiwi.com’s Epic Journey From Legacy System to Camunda

Milan Lesnek, Kiwi.com


Kiwi.com is the leading travel-tech company that provides travelers with an innovative algorithm making it possible to find better route options and prices other search engines can’t see. Their legacy solution became more and more challenging to maintain due to the increasing complexity of Kiwi.com’s core processes and rules. Join Milan Lesnek as he tells the epic journey of how they migrated their 7-year-old service with 26,000 possible scenarios to the Camunda workflow engine without a single error, outage, or incident.


6 Years of Camunda at NatWest: Impacts, Changes, Learnings and the Future

James Holt & Pieter Schutte, NatWest Bank plc


Join Natwest’s James Holt and Pieter Schutte as they explain how NatWest became Camunda pioneers over the last 6 years. Exploring the organizational, functional and technical aspects of this transformation, James and Pieter will share the benefits and effects the organization experiences as well as the changes they underwent. They will also summarize learnings and give a peek into the future, including adoption of Camunda and beyond.


Next Stop: Advanced Automation – Fast-Tracking Process Orchestration

Daniel Levy & Felix Müller, Camunda


Join this strategy-centric Camundi-led session to find out more about critical technology requirements and successful strategies that can help you create a sustainable, centralized automation platform. Topics covered will include: SaaS or Self-Managed, Security, Compliance, and Governance, and Scaling for the Future. Dan and Felix will also explore advanced BPMN patterns and symbols that are common in organizations with mature automation infrastructures. This session is suitable for Enterprise Architects and CoE Leaders and will equip you with advice on building a centralized automation platform that will grow with your organization.


Camunda for Common Good: Automating the Application and Onboarding Processes for Students, Mentors and Volunteers

Danny DeJesus, Adriel Henderson & Jonathan Patridge, Urban Tech Hero


Urban Tech Hero is a small non-profit organization that helps students from underserved communities achieve IT certification and employment. Join Danny DeJesus as he showcases how they are using Camunda to expand their operations and impact by automating core processes to better serve key stakeholders – and ultimately the community.


Process Modelling of Smart Contracts

Sushil Anand & Ayush Seth, Walmart Inc


Walmart is currently using blockchain and smart contracts in many aspects of its business, from supply chain vendor contracts to other contracts in the retail business. Blockchain-based systems enable teams to build trustworthy applications, but they also introduce significant new challenges with regards to stakeholder visibility. In order to include smart contracts in end-to-end process modeling, higher level domain-specific BPMN constructs are required. In this talk, Walmart’s Sushil Anand will show how to model these constructs using existing smart contract patterns and then generate the code for a smart contract from the model.

Funding Societies-1

Revolutionizing FinTech: Fully Automated Instant Loan Approval Processes Orchestrated With Camunda

Rajesh Kumar Dharmalingam, Funding Societies Pte Ltd


Explore the challenging use case of loan approval processes with Rajesh Kumar Dharmalingam of Singapore-based fintech startup Funding Societies. Where typically this process may take as long as a few days due to rigorous screening requirements, Funding Societies has achieved a fully automated process in which a loan is typically offered within minutes, with manual intervention only required in exceptional cases. This has enabled them to better serve SMEs, providing them with instant access to loans, fostering their growth and solving the SME financing gap, while establishing a new benchmark for speed, efficiency, and customer-centricity.


Transforming Cisco’s XaaS Business Into a Scalable and Simplified Process Automation Architecture

Venkat Sreedasyam & Mahesh Vaghela, Cisco


Join Cisco’s Venkat Sreedasyam and Mahesh Vaghela to find out how they leveraged Camunda’s process automation engine and toolset to overcome complex integration challenges, eliminate delays, and achieve a flexible and scalable design. Moving away from a purpose-built workflow engine in favor of a pluggable design, Cisco can now design flexible processes that run on a scalable platform. They will also share how they are improving visibility and monitoring with Operate and Optimize, and how they are planning on using their new platform for event-based order processing and orchestration.


Scaling Automation: Lessons Learned From Provinzial’s Center of Excellence

André Wickenhöfer, Provinzial Holding AG
Björn Brinkmann, BBHT Consulting
Leon Strauch, Camunda


Find out how Provinzial, a top insurance company in Germany, have successfully adopted Camunda for end-to-end process orchestration across all domains, with over 220 processes and 270 DMNs in production. Having implemented a Center of Excellence (CoE) approach, they are now advancing towards hyperautomation with AI integration. This talk provides practical insights on driving Camunda adoption at an enterprise level, including automation CoE structure, scaling automation through standardization, and evolving Camunda usage with AI and Camunda 8.


Building Bridges in OSS

Dimitri Plaisier, David Capelle & Frederic Thise, Proximus


Proximus, the leading telecommunications company in Belgium, set out to transform their open source software IT architecture into a Cloud-based, modularized open stack of TMF-standardized services. Join Dimitri Plaisier’s talk to find out why Proximus selected Camunda, which use cases have been implemented so far and what lies ahead with regards to migrating to Camunda 8.


Camunda at the Heart of CERN’s Electronic Document Handling System

Dmitry Kekelidze, CERN


Orchestrating CERN’s complex processes requires unparalleled speed and resilience. Find out how the European Organization for Nuclear Research leverages Camunda to do just that. Featuring examples of process diagrams, explanations of the underlying business logic as well as implementation details of CERN’s in-house testing framework, this talk is sure to delight.


Spotlight Conversation: Implementing Best of Breed Automation in Financial Services

Deepak Tiwari, EY
Daniel Meyer, Camunda
Moderator: Amy Johnston, Camunda


In this in-person interview, we’ll explore transformations in the financial services sector where a multi-vendor approach is on the rise, diversifying the technology stack of top organizations. This strategy not only capitalizes on cloud-native technologies but also promotes extensive automation across a range of platforms, from low-code to pro-code. Deepak Tiwari, Managing Director at EY, known for his strategic guidance and implementation for premier US and global financial institutions, will join us. He’ll be accompanied by Camunda’s CTO, Daniel Meyer. Amy Johnston, our principal product marketing manager, will moderate and guide the conversation.


Wrap up & Fireside Chat

Amy Johnston & Jakob Freund, Camunda

Presentations Day 2


Opening Keynote

Bernd Rücker & Daniel Meyer, Camunda

first american

‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ With Configurable User Task Resolution

William Powell & Brian Perry, First American


First American developed a configurable, modular solution as a way to manage multiple resolution paths from a User Task. Hear from William Powell how their solution allows complexity and customization without the need to maintain unwieldy process models. William will describe the business needs and demonstrate how First American leveraged Camunda to meet those needs.


Automating Citizen Services in the City of Munich

Dirk Gernhardt & Rene Zarwel, Landeshauptstadt München (City of Munich)


Munich has 1.5m citizens served by 43k public servants across 15 departments, as well as a complex, heterogenous IT landscape with over 1,500 application services and 2 thousand interfaces. To boost the digitalization of the administration in a scalable way, the City of Munich enables citizen development empowered by a Camunda-based workflow platform and a Center of Excellence in the IT department. By streamlining and automating processes, they are transforming the public administration to improve service delivery, boost efficiency and the experience of the citizens. Join this talk to explore their journey, challenges, and the path ahead.


Delivering the Best Patient Outcomes Through Value Based Healthcare Is Changing Pharma’s Approach to Customer Engagement

Swaroop George, Cognizant


Pharmaceutical companies worldwide are embracing digital transformation to improve customer experiences based on data and insights. Efficiently managing the entire process, from drug discovery to regulatory compliance, is crucial for delivering the best outcomes for patients. Collaboration with different stakeholders and adopting advanced technologies like AI and IoT allows companies to make data-driven decisions and achieve results faster. Personalization is also important, as it helps build strong relationships with customers by tailoring communication, content, and delivery based on their needs and preferences.


How To Use Workflow Orchestration To Improve Patient Experience and Outcomes

Steven Gregory, Cardinal Health


Find out how Cardinal Health is using Camunda to unlock the untapped potential of microservices orchestration in the healthcare industry. Steven Gregory will share how the organization was able to enhance patient experiences and address medical process complexities while reducing costs and time to market. He will also demonstrate how microservices, events and other architecture patterns were combined with Camunda to address and resolve the challenges patients, manufacturers and healthcare professionals face.

capital one

Implementing Resilient and Cost Effective Human Task Orchestration Service at Scale on AWS

Raghavan Sadagopan & Lakshmi Narayana Rasalay, Capital One


Resiliency is key for an enterprise platform that enables process automation at scale. Leveraging a serverless technology stack helps reap the benefits of public cloud such as AWS. This session will cover how Capital One has implemented a highly resilient, reusable, portable, cost effective and shared self-service solution that helps businesses to quickly automate and manage their business processes, especially where human task orchestration is required.


From Legacy Application to a Modern Architecture With Camunda

Niko Vogel, AXA


Join AXA’s Niko Vogel as he walks you through the multinational insurance company’s transition away from a legacy health insurance application. With all processes driven and automated by Camunda, the organization is able to migrate to a modern architecture piece by piece without any downtime. Niko will share how they achieved just that as well as share key findings and take aways.


Sustainability, the Circular Economy and Digitalisation – How To Realize a Use Case for a Digital Product Data Passport With Camunda

Christine Brautsch & Tina Wiegand, Hof University


The EU’s Green Deal seeks to transition the European economy to a circular model by promoting recyclable products and readily available recycled materials. One approach to support this is the introduction of a digital product passport (DPP) to make comprehensive information about a product’s resources, components, repairability, disposal, and recyclability available to businesses and consumers. This presentation by Christine Brautsch & Tina Wiegand will explore how Camunda can be used to automate the creation of a DPP.


Collaborating for Standards-Based Process and Decision Automation: The Partnership Between Camunda and OMG

Marco Lopes & Falko Menge, Camunda

As a member of the Object Management Group (OMG), Camunda actively contributes to the development of standards-based tools and technologies that enable organizations to streamline their processes and make data-driven decisions. Join Camundi Falko Menge and Marco Lopes as they discuss the state and evolution of the BPMN and DMN standards as well as the benefits of open standards with regards to reducing vendor lock-in, improving resilience to change and opportunities to further your career.
Raiffeisen Information Service

Empowering an Omnichannel Banking Experience

Andreas Unterhauser & Dietmar Wieser, Raiffeisen Information Service KonsGmbH


Discover Raiffeisen’s advanced omnichannel banking platform which seamlessly integrates multiple channels for a unified customer experience. With Camunda at its core, it is designed for both Camunda 7 on-prem and Camunda 8 SaaS to enable a smooth migration. Join Andreas and Dietmar as they share how the platform enhances customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, standardization and rethinking of end-to-end banking processes.


GPT Meets BPM: AI-Driven Workflows in Camunda 8

Bennet Krause, Holisticon AG

Discover the power of combining GPT with BPM to create AI-driven workflows that tackle complex automation tasks. This talk introduces a suite of new GPT-infused connectors that boost process automation by offering advanced decision-making, data extraction, content generation, and more. Join us as we explore real-world use cases and show how GPT-enhanced Camunda is reshaping the future of BPM.

Revolutionizing Operational Decisions: A Medical Liability Insurance Case Study with Camunda

Tom Wilger & Tracy Hires, BP3


Have you ever thought about how automating operational decisions could benefit your organization? Join BP3’s Tom Wilger and Tracy Hires as they explore the challenges experienced by a medical liability insurer and the significant benefits they achieved through decision automation. They will also touch on the key features of Camunda Platform 8 DMN and BP3’s contributions to the Camunda DMN-Scala open-source project. Whether you’re an expert or new to decision automation, join this session to gain valuable insights on how Camunda Platform 8 DMN can revolutionize your operational decisions.


Hyperautomation of Customer Onboarding Processes and Enablement of High-Performing Teams on Camunda in the Banking Industry

Raj Saboo & Ram Amirtharaju, Capgemini

Athena Leaders

Building Trust: The Smartest Investment for a Productive Team

Naily Makangu, Athena Leaders


Don’t miss out on our thought-provoking keynote session that will change the way you think about productivity! It’s time to stop throwing money and resources at the problem and start building trust as the foundation of your team. We understand that discussing topics such as vulnerability and trust can be challenging. In this session, Naily Makangu will give you simple yet effective tools that you can use, regardless of hierarchy, to break down barriers, embrace positive conflict, and build trust with your colleagues. Join this session so you too can take the first step towards a more productive and fulfilling Workplace Playground.

Funding Societies-1

Panel: The State of Process Orchestration Maturity

Jakob Freund, Camunda
Rajesh Dharmalingam, Funding Societies
James Holt, NatWest

Join us as we wrap up CamundaCon with a special panel of our speakers from Funding Societies & NatWest, including Camunda’s Co-founder and CEO Jakob Freund, we discuss the state of automation maturity in the context of this week’s sessions, as we set our sights on the pinnacle: strategic, scaled process orchestration adoption. What does it truly mean for an organization to reach this zenith and what is needed in the coming years to get there.

Bite-sized Learning

Bite-Sized Learning Sessions are a collection of concise and engaging learning experiences

Designed for Camunda's online audience - now available for all, these sessions provide a unique opportunity to delve into captivating talks during the Conference Breaks. Each of the 4 session is precisely 20 minutes long, ensuring a focused and impactful learning experience. 

  • Introducing the Camunda Certification Program - Darren Devine
  • Improving Clinical Outcomes for Life Sciences with Camunda software - Meenakshisundaram L. & Rahul Maheshwari, Infosys DPA Practice
  • BPMN Clinic - Conference Edition - Thomas Heinrichs & Uwe Koch
  • Optimize Re-Introduced - Why starting with Optimize was never that easy — 3 Use Cases you have to know - Tobias Conz

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