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Your Automation Roadmap ― Navigating the Convergence of Automation Technologies

Automation is everywhere: from online shopping, to self-driving vehicles, to physical robots.

In the survey for the 2023 State of Process Orchestration Report, 96% of respondents agreed that automation is critical to achieving their digital transformation goals. But the large number and variety of automation technologies that are available can be overwhelming. Choosing the right tool for each of your automation use cases is a noble goal, but not an easy one.

In this webinar Camunda, Sudipto Dey, IT Principal at Express Scripts a Cigna company, and guest speaker Craig Le Clair, VP, Principal Analyst at Forrester, discuss the convergence of automation technologies and share how companies can find success in a complex and challenging product landscape.


Automation Roadmap Q&A
Navigating the Convergence of Automation Technologies

Forrester VP Analyst Craig Le Clair joined us as a guest speaker on a recent webinar focused exploring how to choose the right technology for each automation use case. 

This follow-up asset answers key questions about finding success in a complex and challenging product landscape.


Which hyperautomation tools should be included in your tech stack to stay competitive?

In today's landscape, developers are central to hyperautomation success. However, the term hyperautomation feels overloaded when many process automation solutions do not deliver true transformation on their own. 

This is why it is essential for developers and business users to collaborate early to identify the right technologies to implement. Otherwise, digital transformation projects will turn to ghosts and haunt the stakeholders.

In The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Hyperautomation Tech Stack, you'll understand:

  • The challenges and opportunities hyperautomation gives developers
  • Common automation technologies (and their strengths and weaknesses)
  • Why successful transformation relies on orchestration 

Roadmap of Camunda


On Camunda Community Summit 2023, Bernd Ruecker, Co-founder and Chief Technologist, Daniel Meyer, CTO and Mo Ladha, VP, Product Management shared a look into the trends they're monitoring and how that has inspired not just their keynote but also Camunda's product roadmap. Among the topics that are top of mind at the moment are:

  • Collaboration between developers and domain experts
  • Process orchestration at scale - the software development lifecycle
  • Collaborating and co-innovating with our community