Process Automation and RPA - friend or foe?

Discover the role of RPA in the process automation stack and highlight any possible risks.

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There’s been a lot of hype about Robotic Process Automation (RPA). However, RPA is often likened to process automation; equating the two can be a consequential mistake.

RPA solutions provide organizations with a way to upgrade their legacy applications to efficient and modern automated workflows.

However, like all tools, RPA solutions pose a risk when they are used incorrectly. Incorrect use can cause setbacks and dangerous engineering cycles that quickly create larger challenges.

Breaking down the true definition of RPA as compared to process automation in general, allows for a deeper understanding of the solution as whole. Separating the correct uses from incorrect uses allows organizations to find success instead of failure when implementing RPA solutions.

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  • The proper and improper uses of RPA as a tool
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  • Real world examples of ways that RPA and automation can be used effectively together