Camunda BPM 7 compared to JBoss jBPM 6

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This whitepaper compares Camunda BPM 7 to JBoss jBPM 6

The significant findings are:

  • Camunda BPM 7 strategically aims for ‘Developer-Friendliness’, whilst JBoss jBPM 6 strives for the ‘Zero-Code-BPM’-ideal.
  • Camunda BPM 7 offers innovative, powerful features that are missing from JBoss jBPM 6.
  • According to our tests, Camunda BPM 7 performs 10x better than JBoss jBPM 6.
  • The support and professional services around Camunda BPM are carried out by highly experienced experts.
  • The pricing model for the Camunda BPM Enterprise Edition is flexible and allows a low cost entry.