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Microservices architectures are everywhere, but you might wonder how to get started. Or maybe you’ve implemented microservices, but you’re struggling to manage them. 

At Camunda, we help organizations in a variety of industries orchestrate the microservices that make up their complex, mission-critical business processes.

Learn microservices with our resources for everyone from beginners to experienced users.

For Beginners


Building Scalable Business Automation with Microservices

Scalability and agility are two fundamental characteristics of today’s digital enterprise. If you find that your legacy systems and processes are hampering your organization’s ability to achieve one or both, it’s time to reassess.

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The Microservices Workflow Automation Cheat Sheet

There are a few things to consider before migrating to a microservices architecture and applying process automation; for example, scope and boundaries, technology stack and tooling, architecture, governance, and operations.

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Write microservices in various programming languages

Explore pros, cons, and examples of Java, C#, Phyton, Go, Typescript, and Haskell.

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For Developers

Decoding-Microservices-Best-Practices-Handbook-for-Developers-2022_Thumbnail-Cover_612x792 (2)Decoding Microservices: Best Practices Handbook for Developers

A microservices architecture requires services to be as loosely coupled as possible; at the same time, services must be able to communicate effectively to execute business processes. Learn how to handle this challenge and others by following some best practices.

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All-icons_microservices-orchestration-gradientMicroservices Orchestration Tutorial

Whether you’re already working with microservices or you want to build microservices-based process automation, this guide will help you understand how you can start your journey with Camunda Platform 8.

Follow our step-by-step tutorial.

For Enterprise Architects

What are Microservices: Guide to Architecture & More

This comprehensive guide explains the difference between microservices and service-oriented architecture (SOA), the pros and cons of using microservices, and some best practices for implementing a microservices architecture.

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Microservices Masterclass with Bernd Ruecker

Join Camunda Co-founder and Chief Technologist Bernd Ruecker for a four-part deep-dive into communication between microservices, the benefits of long-running microservices, how to manage business transactions and consistency, and more.

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Customer Journeys

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Why Goldman Sachs Built a Brand New Platform on Camunda Platform 8

Goldman Sachs’ Enterprise Process Automation Platform centralizes all required operations to provision, model, deploy, execute, and monitor any workflow-enabled application. Building this platform with Camunda Platform 8 enabled a higher level of automation, functionality, and adaptability for Goldman Sachs and its clients.

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Swiss Re's Journey Toward a Cloud-Native Orchestration Solution

Global reinsurance company Swiss Re went on a transformative journey to replace a monolithic BPM platform with an agile process orchestration solution based on microservices and cloud-native technology.

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