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The job of a Center of Excellence (CoE), at a high level, is to accelerate and scale the adoption of process automation across the whole organization. It’s a dedicated team that centralizes and shares automation expertise and best practices.

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Whether you're just starting to think about implementing a CoE or already have one in place, learn best practices and tips for success with these resources.


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What is a CoE?



Numbers and Trends



The CoE Leader Checklist for Successful Rollout


EN-Process-Automation-CoE-Handbook-2023_ThumbnailGetting Started: The Process Automation Center of Excellence (CoE) Handbook

What is a process automation center of excellence? Learn the definition, benefits, and how to structure a CoE to help scale automation within your organization.

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Central-Process-Automation-Platform_WP-thumbnailHow to Create a Central Process Automation Platform


Embracing a centralized process automation platform allows you to scale automation efforts beyond a pilot project. Read this guide for a step-by-step approach.

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