CamundaCon 2023

Automating Citizen Services in the City of Munich

Dirk Gernhardt & Rene Zarwel, Municipality of Munich

Munich has 1.5m citizens served by 43k public servants across 15 departments, as well as a complex, heterogenous IT landscape with over 1,500 application services and 2 thousand interfaces. To boost the digitalization of the administration in a scalable way, the City of Munich enables citizen development empowered by a Camunda-based workflow platform and a Center of Excellence in the IT department. By streamlining and automating processes, they are transforming the public administration to improve service delivery, boost efficiency and the experience of the citizens. Join this talk to explore their journey, challenges, and the path ahead.
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Dirk Gernhardt

Lead Competence Center Software Engineering, Municipality of Munich


Dirk Gernhardt is the head of the Competence Center for Software Engineering at the IT Department of the Munich Municipality. His team is responsible for implementing highly integrated solutions to drive digitalization within the administration. Dirk’s passion is the streamlining and automating of business processes.

Rene Zarwel

Software Architect and Team Lead Public Administration, City of Munich

René Zarwel is a Software Architect and Team Lead at the Public Administration of the City of Munich. With a strong background in software development, René has been involved in various projects and is currently focused on the development of DigiWF, a product aimed at digitizing the processes of the State Capital of Munich.

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