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Ultimate Guide to Process Automation and Microservices

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Best Practices for Working with Microservices

The transition from monolith to microservices can be fraught with peril.

As the number of microservices in a given system  increases, monitoring and choreographing them end-to-end can become a nightmare of anti-patterns and cascading issues.

That makes it vitally important to think through and map out your microservices framework as you build upon your existing architecture, then leverage process automation from there. 

The Ultimate Guide to Process Automation and Microservices is the top-to-bottom guide you need to achieve success with your microservices-based architecture. 

This guide, comprised of videos, blogs, and whitepapers, provides an overview of:

  • Getting started with microservices
  • How to avoid the most common issues when integrating
  • What your microservice environment should look like
  • Orchestration and choreography of microservices
  • Monitoring your microservices landscape
  • And more

Don’t just rebuild another monolith — download The Ultimate Guide today and harness the inherent strengths of microservice architecture.