The Surprising Role of
Automation in Modernizing the
Organization for the Digital Era

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The Industrial Age organization is under attack.

Whether you call it digital disruption or the fourth industrial revolution, almost everything that has guided the way organizations function is changing. These disruptive pressures are pushing enterprise organizations to adapt and modernize themselves for this new, digital era. But while modernization sounds simple, executing it can be perplexingly difficult.

When most enterprise leaders think about modernization, the first thing that comes to mind is automation — and rightly so. It’s difficult to conceptualize any type of modernization that will not involve leveraging technology to automate the way organizations work.

But while automation is an essential part of solving the modernization puzzle — it may not play the role you think. In fact, automation’s role in helping organizations modernize may surprise you.

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  • Move away from legacy constraints and reimagine the business process
  • Use automation as a tool to drive transformation
  • Implement technology to modernize your organization

You will also discover why enterprise leaders are turning to new classes of automation technologies, like Camunda.