The Software Developer’s Guide to Championing Process Automation

How to make the case and build alignment for automation initiatives in your organization

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Developers! Are you struggling to get automation projects off the ground?

Many organizations make two major mistakes when starting their automation programs: 

They either attempt to take on too much at the start or have a hard time envisioning exactly how automation would impact teams on a daily basis.

Developers can play a critical role in overcoming these hurdles, breaking down big problems into digestible pieces, and demonstrating how automation can work across every department. 

Check out this eBook to learn exactly what holds organizations back in their automation efforts, and how, as a developer, you can make the case to leadership for process automation—one step at a time.

Read this eBook to learn:

  • What’s holding organizations back from automation goals
  • The best way to build bridges with other stakeholders 
  • Designing a Proof-of-Concept to prove your plan to the rest of the org
  • Why transforming gradually is the way to go
  • How best to use BPMN to get alignment