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The BPM Renaissance

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A decade ago, business process management (BPM) focused on modeling and perhaps automating stable, repeatable back-office processes. Even with the bar set this low, many of the BPM tools on the market struggled to meet the needs of the business.

Today, business processes are more dynamic. Enterprises are more likely to focus on customer-facing, front-office processes. Low-code tools improve collaboration, increase quality, and lower technical debt. And we have yet to maximize the full power of the cloud. Welcome to the BPM renaissance.Jason Bloomberg, president of analyst firm Intellyx discusses how today’s BPM addresses business problems the way first-generation BPM never could.

Key Takeaways:

  1. BPM has shifted toward handling larger-scale, customer-facing processes
  2. In a cloud-native world, your BPM platform should be highly scalable and transparent. Even better if it:
    • Developer friendly
    • Creates collaboration and better between business and IT teams
    • Able to measure what you can’t see…make it observable
    • Builds in business agility from the beginning