Process Automation and Apache Kafka

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Apache Kafka can help users implement a variety of use cases. Business processes are often automated as a result of these implementations – consciously or unconsciously – and Apache Kafka is frequently combined with workflow engines. To explore the automation of business processes in the context of Apache Kafka further, this article will touch on the following topics:

  1. Microservice orchestration
  2. Event-driven architecture with “emergent behavior”
  3. Combining event streaming with workflow

Read this article to explore two typical models for linking Apache Kafka with a workflow engine: microservice orchestration and responding to insights in event streams via long-running processes.

About the Author

Bernd Ruecker

Chief Technologist and Co-Founder of Camunda


Bernd Ruecker has been developing software to help customers automate their core processes for 15 years, including ordering processes for Zalando, order processes for T-Mobile and patent applications in Switzerland. He has been actively involved in the development of several open source workflow engines and is the co-founder of Camunda, a company that is reinventing process automation. He is the author of “Practical Process Automation” and co-author of“Real-Life BPMN”, speaks regularly at conferences and also writes for a number of magazines. For some time, he has been working on process automation paradigms that fit into modern architectures involving microservices, domain-driven design, event-driven architecture, and reactive systems.