Decoding Microservices: Best Practices Handbook for Developers

Learn how to overcome microservices challenges by following some best practices


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Microservices architectures feature an unavoidable tension in how they function.

On one hand, they require services to be as loosely coupled as possible.  At the same time, these services must be able to communicate effectively to execute the business processes at the proper time and in the correct way.

Check out Decoding Microservices: Best Practices Handbook for Developers to learn how to avoid this issue and many of the other challenges through following some best practices. 

Inside you’ll find:

  • The traits that the most robust microservices architectures have
  • Why building a distributed monolith is a real risk you need to avoid
  • Common definitions you should know
  • How a workflow engine can streamline your architecture
  • Whether you should use orchestration or choreography in your application