Transforming Telcos with Digital Process Automation

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What to expect

As digitization changes the entire industry, customers increasingly expect a consistent digital customer journey across multiple channels. Telco companies are facing saturated markets, declining revenues, increasing churn rates, as well as significant investment requirements in infrastructure such as 5G.

Join this webinar and learn how digital process automation can address many of these challenges and help communication service providers modernize their business systems, become more agile and flexible, and create innovative offerings and omnichannel customer journeys.
In this webinar, telco and IT practitioners from Vodafone, LionGate and WDW eLab will discuss:
  • Digital process automation: how it works and which aspects are key for telco companies
  • Use case: how Vodafone has optimized and digitized their business processes to modernize the IT environment
  • Business Impact: Creating a consistent multichannel customer experience



Michael Völler
Michael Völler is responsible for project and demand management in the Vodafone Germany Consumer Product Unit with respect to the second brand otelo and the branded reseller business. With more than 20 years of experience in telco business he has a strong focus on continuous improvement of business processes for the sake of customer experience excellence.


Armin Oppitz
Armin Oppitz is co-founder and manager at LionGate AG. He has a proven track record in managing challenging transformation programs. His current focus is on process automation and customer experience and helping companies to escape from their legacy by leveraging the possibilities of digital cloud solutions.


Franz Grabner
Franz Grabner is lead architect at WDW eLab with over 15 years of experience in translating business processes into individually developed, high-performance and stable software environments. He has proven his skills in numerous projects as a senior software developer, designer as well as a requirements manager and team leader.