Practical Process Automation: A Sneak Preview of O’Reilly Media’s Upcoming Book

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book_coverIn recent years, software architecture (microservices, cloud, serverless) has changed significantly, which in turn influenced process automation and the way we use workflow engines. Author, speaker, and chief technologist and co-founder of Camunda Bernd Ruecker has delved deep into this topic with many process automation professionals, and has written and talked extensively about the different aspects of modern process automation.

He has condensed this experience and insight into material for his new book, “Practical Process Automation” written with O’Reilly Media. The book, targeted at architects and developers, is now in early release*. Register now for this live webinar to learn more about his motivation for writing the book and what you will get out of it.

Bernd will be joined by Mary Thengvall, Camunda’s developer relations director. Together they will cover key topics from the book, such as:

  • How process automation compares to business process management, service-oriented architecture, batch processing, event streaming, and data pipeline solutions
  • How to utilize process automation in cloud-scale or low-latency scenarios 
  • Options for designing architecture that facilitates process automation
  • Methods for modeling processes properly to avoid potential pitfalls
  • The difference between orchestration and choreography and how to balance both

*Early release means that the first chapters will be published now, and more chapters follow in the next months. An early release version can still be adjusted, so your feedback can still make a difference!

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Bernd Ruecker
Chief Technologist and Co-founder, Camunda


Mary Thengvall
Director of Developer Relations, Camunda