Monitoring & Orchestrating Your Microservices Landscape using Workflow Automation

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What to expect

A company’s core business processes nearly always span more than one microservice. In an e-commerce company, for example, a “customer order” might involve different services for payments, inventory, shipping and more. But how do these services play together to fulfill the customer’s desire?

Implementing long-running, asynchronous, and complex collaborations between distributed microservices is challenging. How can we ensure visibility of cross-microservice flows and provide status and error monitoring? How do we guarantee that overall flows always complete, even if single services fail? Or how do we recognize stuck flows so that we can fix them?

In this webinar, Bernd will explain how workflow automation supports the orchestration of microservices, to make sure business processes are always carried out - even in case of failure -
providing monitoring and visibility into the overall progress and status.

He will reveal how to do all of this without introducing monolithic workflows that clash with microservices principles. You will also learn how to balance orchestration (using a workflow engine) with choreography (using events). Still believe that choreography is more loosely coupled and thus the modern way to go? You definitely need to listen in…



Bernd Ruecker, Chief Technologist and Co-founder
Tech evangelist, public speaker, co-founder and chief technologist of Camunda – Bernd’s name is legend among developers. Bernd focuses on helping developers and architects utilize workflow and BPM technology to the full extent, and also thinking about the future of software technology and workflow automation. He coaches countless developers to implement business logic centered around long-running flows. In addition, Bernd, who holds an MSc in Software Technology, co-authored the successful book “Real-Life BPMN”.