An Overview of Camunda Platform 7

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See Camunda Platform 7 in action

Discover how Camunda Platform enables teams to build software applications more collaboratively and efficiently with a standards-based, developer-friendly approach.

In this high-level demonstration of our product set, you’ll see how you can:

  • Design and model process flows using Cawemo and Modeler
    (and learn why they’re different)
  • Deploy processes and rules to Camunda’s Workflow and Decision Engine
  • Analyze and improve upon those rules and processes using Optimize

Watch as we demonstrate a process that interacts with external events both synchronously and asynchronously, applies business rules, and utilizes an independent application through a REST API for user interaction. This intro is suitable for anyone who is new to Camunda, and shows how our products are used to automate manual, high volume, and intensive processes.