Book Release: Real-Life BPMN and Microservices

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Join Bernd Rücker and Jakob Freund, the authors of the popular book “Real-Life BPMN” as they discuss the latest developments in BPMN and the growing trend towards microservice architectures

The highly popular BPMN book, which has sold more than 35,000 copies worldwide in English, Spanish and German, has been praised for making the complex topic of workflow modelling accessible, with its clear structure, easy-to-follow examples and a genuine sense of humour often lost in technical publications.

The newly released fourth edition was sparked by the rising popularity of microservice architectures. in this webinar, the authors you will discuss how to

  • Avoid creating BPMN monoliths that conflict with microservices architectures
  • Successfully apply BPMN to real-world problems
  • Understand the impact of microservices on business processes


Bernd Ruecker, Co-Author Real-Life BPMN, Cofounder and Chief Technologiest, Camunda

Tech evangelist, public speaker and Co-Founder and Chief Technologist of Camunda – Bernd’s name is legend among developers. As the leader of Camunda’s developer relations, Bernd is responsible for helping developers utilize BPM technology to the full extent, coaching countless users to implement business logic centered around long-running flows. In addition, Bernd, who holds an MSc in Software Technology, co-authored the successful book “Real-Life BPMN”.

Jakob Freund, Co-Author Real-Life BPMN, Cofounder and CEO, Camunda

Jakob is Co-Founder and CEO of Camunda – responsible for the company’s vision and strategy. He’s also the driving force behind Camunda’s global growth and takes responsibility for the company culture. As well as holding an MSc in Computer Science, he co-authored the book “Real-Life BPMN” and is a sought-after speaker at technology and industry events.