Wednesday, February 22, 2023, 4:30PM CET/10:30AM ET

Benchmark Performance with Camunda Platform's Zeebe Engine



Save Your Seat

Today, organizations need to deliver exceptional experiences - a delay of a few seconds can be the difference between winning customers and sending them to your competitors. Camunda Platform 8’s new workflow engine, Zeebe, was designed to be truly cloud-native to anticipate and support our customers needs for performance, resilience, and security for all processes including the most mission critical processes such as real-time payments, trade matching, and mobile order orchestration, to name a few. 

This webinar will showcase the most recent performance benchmarks we conducted with our customers. Join us to learn:

  • How Camunda Platform 8 enables you to run thousands of process instances per second
  • Best practices and tuning to optimize performance
  • What methods and tools are available for generating load
  • Part of the conversation includes sharing the iteration of many Helm chart configurations, and collecting and comparing the results 


Falko Menge

Senior Principal Solution Architect, Camunda

Falko Menge

Dan Levy

VP Product Marketing, Camunda

Dan Levy