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The Total Economic Impact™ of Camunda 2024

How Process Orchestration Delivered 408% ROI

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Organizations are under increasing pressure to outpace their competition while improving operational efficiency and agility. Yet, achieving these goals requires a new approach to automation.

The commissioned Total Economic Impact™(TEI) study by experts at Forrester Consulting highlights how implementing process orchestration at scale drove cost savings and helped a composite organization comprised of interviewees with experience using Camunda achieve key strategic objectives. 

Take a look at this on demand webinar featuring Forrester Consultant Jeffrey Yozwiak as he walks you through the details and research methodology used to calculate the total value and impact of implementing Camunda, including:

  • How process orchestration increased customer satisfaction and added $58 million in profits as a result
  • Ways organizations accelerated their time to value, creating $67 million in operational efficiencies
  • Why improved collaboration between business and IT enables greater innovation and faster cycle times


Jeffrey Yozwiak

Senior Consultant - TEI, Forrester

jeff yozwiak

Shane Ernest

Product Marketing Manager, Camunda

shane e