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Adapting Faster: Forging Resilience in Financial Services with Process Orchestration




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Change is constant in banking and financial services. New technologies are emerging, customer expectations continue to grow, and regulators are increasing scrutiny over both long-standing incumbent banks and digital natives alike. Given the sheer complexity and scale of the business and tech landscape inside these organizations, adapting faster and with less risk can be challenging.

But what if you could turn regulatory compliance into a competitive advantage? Instead of treating each new change as a burden and cost of business, what would happen if you could leverage the moment to innovate, improve, and be ready for what’s next?

Vinod Jain, senior analyst at Datos Insights, along with Camunda Field CTO Sathya Sethuranam, will explore the trends impacting the industry and how smart organizations are able to capitalize on disruption through process orchestration. 

After attending this session, you'll learn practical tips for:

  • Getting business and tech on the same page to enable true cross-functional collaboration
  • Taming complex processes and integrating your existing technology stack to minimize disruption and reduce technical debt
  • Future-proofing your operations to adapt faster when inevitable changes arise

Join us to discover how rethinking your approach to compliance can be a powerful catalyst for agility, resilience, and innovation across your enterprise.


Sathya Sethuraman

Field CTO, Camunda

Sathya S

Sathya is a financial services and insurance industry strategist and thought leader with over 20 years of experience. He is a trusted advisor to Fortune 100 global insurance and financial services enterprises and has led large-scale Digital Transformation initiatives.

Sathya brings critical insights to applying emerging technologies for differentiated customer experiences and operational efficiency.









Vinod Jain

Senior Analyst, Datos

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Vinod Jain is a strategic advisor with over 20 years of capital markets experience. He specializes in institutional trading operations, post-trade processing, audit, regulatory compliance, and data management across equities, fixed income, and OTC derivatives.

Vinod has authored industry publications, participated in working groups, and moderated conferences. He provides expert strategy and operations consulting, having worked in trade operations and conducted audits. Previously, he served as an Advisory Director and Sales Manager at EZOPS, a fintech firm specializing in post-trade data control.

Vinod has led regulatory transformation engagements for major financial institutions and developed technical IP across audit, reporting, collateral management, and reconciliation. He holds an MBA in Finance from Pune University.



Shane Ernest

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Camunda

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