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Automate Any Process, Anywhere

How to orchestrate people, systems, and things to drive great outcomes

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Imagine a way to enable your IT and business teams to collaborate easily on the exact business processes that accelerate growth and improve your customers’ experience.

What if you could orchestrate all the people, systems, and other tools needed to achieve your organization’s vision—all while being able to quickly identify potential inefficiencies or bottlenecks.

Picture having the agility and flexibility to change things as your business does.

With Camunda Platform, you can achieve all of these things and more.

During this webinar, Amy Johnston shares Camunda's vision for process automation – a vision where you can automate any business process no matter where it lives, who’s involved, or which systems it touches.

She dives into:

  • How to tackle roadblocks with legacy systems
  • Ways to work with a diverse tech stack
  • The "traditional approach" versus "the Camunda approach"
  • Common Camunda use cases


Amy Johnston

Product Marketing, Camunda