3 Superpowers for Next Level Microservices Orchestration


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Accelerating Your Process Automation Strategy

Microservices, Cloud, Automation.

No, these aren’t just current buzzwords — they are trends you cannot afford to miss out on. But how can organizations automate processes in the context of these new paradigms, technologies, and workflows? In this webinar, you will learn about three “superpowers” that make this possible: continuous delivery, a cloud-native mindset, and BizDevOps. 

Watch now to learn more about:

  • How to leverage each of these powers in the context of process automation.
  • The single most important rule in determining how to automate processes.
  • What to do if you're struggling to get buy-in from leaders in your organization.



Bernd Ruecker

Bernd Ruecker
Co-Founder and Chief Technologist, Camunda

Daniel Levy

Dan Levy
VP of Product Marketing, Camunda