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New Camunda partner solution enables developers and business analysts to quickly and easily create beautiful forms

Learn how to reduce development efforts and speed time to market with an easy-to-use integrated Form.io framework, developed by our partner, softCannery.

This hour-long session will cover best practices on how to:

  • Create amazing end-user experiences

  • Increase the use of Camunda Task Lists

  • Help establish and enforce proper business process data management and storage best practices

Expand your use of the Camunda platform. Sign up to see a demo of this front-end solution accelerator, embrace the benefits, and take advantage of softCannery’s Quick-Start consulting offer.


Meet the Speakers:

Melissa Geffrion headshot

Melissa Geoffrion
Director, Partners | Camunda

Igor Dianov

Igor Dianov
CTO | SoftCannery