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Accelerate Digital Transformation with Sky Solutions & Camunda

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Sky Solutions and Camunda share insight into how the Federal Government is leveraging Camunda Platform to address many of today's most common business and digital transformation challenges.

The event includes a demonstration of Camunda Platform with a focus on Camunda's cost-effective, unique, and smart low-code approach to intelligent end-to-end process automation.

Learn more about:

  • Successful Federal use-cases for end-to-end process automation with Camunda
  • The benefits of migration from legacy BPM to Camunda and its positive impact on your Agency
  • How developers are changing the world and what tools they need to do it
  • What BPM is really all about and how you can make better choices
  • The drivers for adopting “developer-friendly” BPM tools
  • The differences between “low-code” and “developer-friendly” application development tools
  • The “End-Point” revolution
  • Technology trends in government and why it matters
  • How you can accomplish more with your existing budget with Camunda vs other solutions


Chris Allen

Technical Partner Manager, Camunda

chris allen

Garth Knudson

Enterprise Account Executive, Camunda


Michael Hoke

Director of Business Development, Sky Solutions

Michael Hoke - Sky Solutions

Uday Tummala

Camunda Practice Lead & Solutions Architect, Sky Solutions

uday - sky solutions