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57% of banks say greater speed and agility are top drivers for technology strategy.

Don't let compliance and regulatory burdens slow you down. See how process orchestration can improve operational resilience at banks and financial services firms.

Getting started with process orchestration

Six Top Financial Services Regulatory Trends (and How Process Orchestration Can Address Them)

Trends including AI scrutiny, new AML regulations, payment automation standardization, and others are impacting the ability for financial firms to keep up.


4 Process Orchestration Plays for Financial Services

Interested in learning where process automation can make the biggest impact? Read this blog to learn four proven patterns to follow to improve business operations.

The How-to Guide for Process Orchestration in Financial Services

This guide overviews the role process orchestration plays in automating financial services processes end-to-end. Learn how orchestration can help with challenges related to adhering to regulations, modernizing legacy systems, and exceeding customer expectations.

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How banks can adapt to change

Service & operational resilience

As new regulations, such as Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) and Service Resilience Framework, are going into effect, it is becoming more and more imperative for banks to adapt quickly to these new requirements to prevent disruptions and protect their customers. 

Payment processing in real-time

Migrating to the ISO 20022 creates challenges due to the complexity and scale of the transition. Process orchestration helps with visibility into the entire process end-to-end, offers the ability to process a high volume of payments at once, and helps with modernization and automating legacy technology.   

Why leading banks choose Camunda

Achieve End-to-End Process Orchestration

Banks have undergone a massive shift in their operations due to volatile market dynamics, regulatory changes, and increasing customer demands. With Camunda, you can enable greater agility, improve experiences, and accelerate process orchestration efforts.

Insights from CamundaCon 2024

Curious how other banking and financial services leaders are using process orchestration? These sessions are designed to provide leaders in the banking and financial services industry with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate digital transformation, improve operational efficiency, and comply with regulatory requirements.


Jyske Bank + Camunda

Discover how Jyske Bank, one of Denmark's largest banks, improved customer experiences, reduced manual tasks for employees by 80%, and kept up with new regulations from the European Banking Authority and the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority. 

ODDO BHF + Camunda

Learn how ODDO BHF SE keeps up with strict regulatory requirements.

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