Recording from CamundaCon 2020

Testing Cheesecake – Integrate Your Test Reports Easily with FlowCov

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#BPMN, #Testing, #CI/CD

Test coverage is an essential indicator of the quality of your processes. But how do you make the reports available to your team? How can your process owners be sure that each case has been tested? FlowCov is a platform that ensures traceability for all stakeholders and seamless integration into your CI/CD infrastructure. It features BPMN and DMN testing and is simple to use as git. FlowCov is partly open source and free to use in the cloud. Watch the session to get a taste of using it.


Dominik Horn


Dominik Horn is Co-Founder of FlowSquad – specialists in process automation and software development. As a full-stack developer, he loves to build software from scratch and always has the goal to accelerate the development and simplify the automation. He is a lecturer for process management and automation at the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences and enjoys passing on his knowledge and exploring innovative topics.

Nele Uhlemann


Nele Uhlemann
Nele is a Consultant at Camunda and Open Source advocate. She loves Python more than any other consultant on the team and one day dreams of replacing all Java with Python code.

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