Recording from CamundaCon 2020

How Advances in the JVM Can Speed Up Camunda

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#Java,  #BPMN

Suddenly, the Java world is full with promises of new, lightweight runtimes, reducing memory footprint and startup time. Some even promise running Java programs natively – without the JVMs overhead. In this session we will take a look at some of those runtimes, see if we can run Camunda on them, and if we really get a benefit from doing so.


Tim Zoeller

ilum:e informatik AG

Tim is an IT-Consultant for ilum:e informatik ag. He helps his clients to digitalize their manual business processes with Java and is a co-founder of the Java Usergroup Mainz. In his free time, he accumulates new side projects with Java and Clojure and sometimes even finishes one of them.

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