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The Business Imperative for Becoming a Frictionless Enterprise

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Becoming a frictionless enterprise is often perceived by the whole company as a Holy Grail; highly desirable but unattainable!
Actually there are ways to go towards it by following some key fundamentals; applying automation targeting touchless processes; using efficiently analytics and AI over the huge volume of data each company has to improve services while reducing costs, becoming hyper agile and ready to hyper scale with better organization and cloud native approaches.

And these changes can be applied massively or step by step, but every time with some rules that have to be respected: security, compliance and sustainability.

These under-control evolutions will generate a higher level of trust with suppliers and customers. Growing needs to onboard the overall ecosystem with you.

When applied together, these fundamentals lead to the development of an agile and secure environment, which underpins solutions that dynamically address each and every point of friction in an organization’s business operations to deliver value-focused business outcomes. They enable the Frictionless Enterprise.


Manuel Sevilla

Capgemini Business Services

Manuel Sevilla is the VP and Chief Digital Officer for Capgemini Business Services. Manuel is a Chief Enterprise Architect, and is used to help his customers on innovation, disruption, and change management opportunities. His business expertise is on massive automation, touchless processes, time-to-market radical improvement, new business models and new ecosystems. Manuel has a deep architecture expertise on domains such as cloud, cloud-native, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Distributed Ledger Technologies and Process Automation.

Lee Beardmore

Capgemini Business Services

Lee Beardmore is the Chief Innovation Officer for Capgemini Business Services. Lee has spent over 25 years advising clients on how to develop leading strategies for technology adoption. He is a thought leader in digital transformation and intelligent automation, combining both to effect radical change to business processes and process related services. Recently, Lee has been carrying out some pioneering work on digital twins for business operations which he believes is a critical element in helping justify the many digital initiatives required to lay a successful foundation for the future.

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