Process Automation Forum Live:

Extending Human Workflow Automation

November 11, 2021
10:00am - 12:30pm ET | 4:00 - 6:30pm CEST


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Experts from Babylon Health & ING share how to use automation to incorporate human workflows in end-to-end processes.

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The ability to design and orchestrate both human and machine-driven processes is integral to maintaining a competitive edge today, regardless of industry.

Join us for this live, interactive presentation where you’ll hear how next generation applications and platforms are being developed using process automation and microservice orchestration solutions in conjunction with the work only people can do.

You’ll hear how Babylon Health and ING leverage Camunda’s process automation tools to streamline processes, reduce bottlenecks, and improve automation workflows for customer onboarding, customer service, risk management, regulatory and compliance, payment processing, and other core operations.


4:00pm CEST: Welcome & Introduction

4:05pm CEST: Automate Any Process, Anywhere
Patrick Wittenberg, Camunda 

Details Imagine your people could effectively work together so that they can build the processes that accelerate the business and improve customers experiences – all at the right time and with the flexibility to change as soon the business needs change. Imagine the processes could orchestrate all people, systems and things that are needed to drive great outcomes. And imagine you could quickly understand any potential inefficiencies or bottlenecks and improve these processes as you go.

4:15pm CEST: Scaling Babylon’s Workflow Platform 
Simone Casciaroli, Engineering Manager, Babylon Health
Davia Xiao, Software Engineer, Babylon Health 

Details Babylon is a digital first health service provider, aiming to provide affordable and accessible healthcare in the hands of everyone. Simone Casciaroli and David Xiao will share how Babylon Health uses the Camunda Platform Enterprise Edition, the challenges we have faced and how we envision using Camunda moving forward in our next generation Workflow platform.


4:40pm CEST: Integration Journey: Camunda & Financial Operations in the Microservices-based Banking Environment 

Rafet Cambaz, Devops & Platform Apps Teams Chapter Lead, ING Group
Ali Mehdi Erçetin, IT Product Owner, ING Group 

Details At ING Turkey, we aim to provide fast, flexible and robust services to ensure the highest customer satisfaction. In this regard, our banking processes that are redesigned with the help of Camunda Platform are getting more and more compatible with microservices and container platforms. In this session, we will share how we integrated Camunda Platform with our systems to develop our business processes in more agile and automated way.


5:05pm: Open Fireside Chat 


Ask our Camunda team everything you want to know in this open Q&A session - from our product roadmap to in-depth technical questions about Camunda products.

5:20pm CEST: Break

5:30pm CEST: Racing Camunda Engine – Managing Human Workflows

Niall Deehan, Senior Developer Advocate, Camunda 
Tobias Conz, Product Manager, Camunda

Details Every engine needs humans to take care of it. Racing teams that maintain race cars have to monitor the car’s engine for problems, control the engine so it performs optimally, and upgrade it for better performance. The same is true of your process automation engine team. At Camunda, we want to ensure that people are only involved in process automation when they’re truly required, instead of doing busywork to maintain their engine. In this session, we’ll look at how you can optimize human workflows, including a live demo.

6:15pm CEST: Q&A Session 

6:25pm CEST: Wrap up


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