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  • Using BPMN technology in Insurances
  • See a live Camunda demonstration and get valuable practical tips for your workflow projects
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Content Breakdown
Reinventing Process Automation for the Digital Enterprise

Bob Pritchard, Senior Vice President Global Sales and Channels, Camunda

Camunda Optimize: Continuous Process Improvement using Process Metrics

Felix Mueller, Director Product Management, Camunda

Process optimization is more relevant than ever before. With enterprise-friendly reporting and the ability to share process information across the enterprise in real time, teams can continuously monitor and improve processes. Unfortunately, many teams still do not have access to real-time process information and have difficulty answering simple process questions and KPIs. Felix Müller, Senior PM of Camunda Optimize, shows how Optimize supports its users in process optimization.

The Institutes’ RiskStream Collaborative: Participation in Shared Business Processes in the Insurance Industry: Where we’ve been, what we’ve learned

Patrick Millar, The Institutes’ RiskStream Collaborative, Technology Lead

The Institutes’ RiskStream Collaborative has been working with its’ consortium of major insurance industry members for 4 years. The motivating, or enabling, technology that prompted the formation of the consortium was the arrival of blockchain technologies in the marketplace.  The consortium continues to represent a new model in the space (a not-for-profit) and is working with new technology in new ways. This presentation will provide some insights into lessons learned; what has worked, what has not and possible future directions.

Indiana Farm Bureau: The journey to extend the back office BPM solution for the direct consumer channel

Jarvis Ka, Indiana Farm Bureau, Enterprise Architect
Corinna Cohn, Indiana Farm Bureau, Senior Web Developer

In the past few years, IFBI developed a Camunda-driven BPM solution for our P&C FNOL process. To deliver a better user experience to our customers, we looked for ways to provide more direct interaction for our customers' claim process. We went through a journey to implement this solution by reusing the BPM we built for the internal FNOL. We like to share our journey with you. In particular,

  • How do we bridge the development community’s understanding of BPM/Camunda from resistance to acceptance (and embrace it)
  • How to make use of the Camunda’s function to effectively communicate with the business community
  • How do we reuse and extend the BPM to support another user base
Software Architecture in Insurance in 2021

Bernd Ruecker, Co-founder, Camunda

Software architecture requirements are changing rapidly. Mainframes, batches or even 3-tier architectures are increasingly being replaced by event-driven reactive microservices. Learn what it takes to move to a microservices architecture and what it can deliver to your organization. Understand how microservices can help you successfully implement business processes or workflows. How can the necessary components play together while remaining loosely coupled? How can you orchestrate microservices, maintain control and avoid chaos? I’ll share my insights on these questions, formulate a few ideas on these questions using concrete examples and then discuss them together.

Open Fireside Chat

Ask our Camunda team everything you want to know in this open Q&A session - from our product roadmap to in-depth technical questions about Camunda products.

Camunda Live Demo: Design, Implementation, Operation and Optimization of Business Processes

Dr. Ragnar Nevries, Head of Consulting North America, Camunda

Open Q&A to Live Demo

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