Process Automation Forum Live: Banking & Finance

Recording from August 12, 2020

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  • Software Developers, Enterprise Architects, IT Executives
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What was it about?

  • Using BPMN technology in Banking & Finance
  • See a live Camunda demonstration and get valuable practical tips for your workflow projects
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Content Breakdown
Reinventing Process Automation for the Digital Enterprise

Robert Gimbel, CRO, Camunda

Camunda Live Demo: Design, Implementation, Operation and Optimization of Business Processes

Benjamin Hoffmann, IT Consultant, Camunda

Camunda Optimize: Continuous Process Improvement using Process Metrics

Felix Mueller, Director Product Management, Camunda

Process optimization is more relevant than ever before. With enterprise-friendly reporting and the ability to share process information across the enterprise in real time, teams can continuously monitor and improve processes. Unfortunately, many teams still do not have access to real-time process information and have difficulty answering simple process questions and KPIs. Felix Müller, Senior PM of Camunda Optimize, shows how Optimize supports its users in process optimization.

Lessons Learned on Setting up and Scaling a BPM CoE

Pushpendra Saxena, BPM Center of Intelligence Lead, NatWest Group

Inception, evolution and scaling the BPM Center of Excellence (CoE) require cognizance to business maturity, people, process and technology. The CoE must align stakeholders, select right tools for the organization, provide thought leadership and evangelism for effectiveness and efficiency, propagate best practices and spearhead innovation. The focus and mix of these capabilities depend on the maturity of the organization as well as operating philosophy on the centralized-decentralized continuum. Adapt to change, change to adapt new technologies and innovation, or risk falling the global competition. The CoE should keep pace with latest industry trends and research to bring simple, faster and apposite solutions to ever changing business needs and technology landscape. This presentation discusses practices and models that helped BPM CoE shorten time to market, provide more stable design patterns that improved customer satisfaction and increased process automation multi-fold.

A Year with Camunda: Evolving to an All-new Automation Roadmap

Šarūnas Leonas, Product Owner, Visma Finance

During the past year, Visma Finance used Camunda BPM to modernize and adapt its existing business processes and manage risks. Then COVID-19 disrupted business. However, new product ideas evolved out of the pandemic, setting a new course for their implementation roadmap for the next year. Learn about the aspirational direction that Visma plans to take with Camunda, highlighted by real examples and stories.

Software Architecture in Banking & Finance for 2021

Bernd Ruecker, Co-founder, Camunda

Software architecture requirements are changing rapidly. Mainframes, batches or even 3-tier architectures are increasingly being replaced by event-driven reactive microservices. Learn what it takes to move to a microservices architecture and what it can deliver to your organization. Understand how microservices can help you successfully implement business processes or workflows. How can the necessary components play together while remaining loosely coupled? How can you orchestrate microservices, maintain control and avoid chaos? I’ll share my insights on these questions, formulate a few ideas on these questions using concrete examples and then discuss them together.

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