Process Automation Forum Live: Telecommunications

Recording from November 12, 2020

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Welcome to Process Automation Forum Live: Telecommunications

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Who will be there?

  • Software Developer, Enterprise Architects, IT Executives
  • Camunda Users & Experts

What is it about?

  • Using BPMN technology in Telecommunications
  • See a live Camunda demonstration and get valuable practical tips for your workflow projects
  • Network with other Camunda users

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1.) Reinventing Process Automation for the Digital Enterprise

Robert Gimbel, CRO, Camunda

2.) Camunda Live Demo: Design, Implementation, Operation and Optimization of Business Processes

Benjamin Hoffmann, IT Consultant, Camunda

3.) Camunda Optimize: Continuous Process Improvement using Process Metrics

Felix Mueller, Senior Product Manager, Camunda
Process optimization is more relevant than ever before. With enterprise-friendly reporting and the ability to share process information across the enterprise in real time, teams can continuously monitor and improve processes. Unfortunately, many teams still do not have access to real-time process information and have difficulty answering simple process questions and KPIs. Felix Müller, Senior PM of Camunda Optimize, shows how Optimize supports its users in process optimization.

4.) Establishment of a Center Of Excellence for Process Automation at A1 Telekom Austria AG

Hubert Mair, Director Process Automation Center, A1 Telekom Austria AG
Thorsten Guggenberger, CEO, “J-IT” IT-Dienstleistungs GesmbH

A1 Telekom Austria AG and J-IT present first successes of the newly established Center Of Excellence for Process Automation as well as the further steps of the holistic strategy. We will also provide an insight into the interaction of products for RPA, Process Automation and Process Mining.

5.) Network Configuration Automation through Camunda at BT Media & Broadcast

Shankhanil Chowdhury, Solution Architect Specialist, BT Media & Broadcast
Ajit Dani - Domain Specialist, BT Media & Broadcast

6.) Software Architecture in Telecommunications in 2021

Bernd Ruecker, Co-founder, Camunda
Software architecture requirements are changing rapidly. Mainframes, batches or even 3-tier architectures are increasingly being replaced by event-driven reactive microservices. Learn what it takes to move to a microservices architecture and what it can deliver to your organization. Understand how microservices can help you successfully implement business processes or workflows. How can the necessary components play together while remaining loosely coupled? How can you orchestrate microservices, maintain control and avoid chaos? I’ll share my insights on these questions, formulate a few ideas on these questions using concrete examples and then discuss them together.