Video from Camunda Community Summit 2021

Open Source RPA with Camunda + Robot Framework

Open Source RPA with Camunda + Robot Framework

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Robot Framework is an open source, keyword driven automation framework once exclusively famous among test automation engineers. Its main feature is an abstraction layer to python modules allowing developers to automate tasks with as little low-code as they like.

Such automated tasks need to be orchestrated and streamlined in a process for which Camunda is obviously the perfect match. In this demo I’d like present our open source contribution providing a bridge between Camunda and Robot Framework – and reason how this combination outpaces common commercial RPA platforms.




Markus Stahl, Deutsche Post Adress GmbH
Markus had 10 years working experience as java developer and lean management consultant, when he became Automation Engineer for Deutsche Post Adress. Since then he discovered his latest passion in opensource automation based on APIs and Robot Framework. Besides automation his favorite activities are gardening, relaxed cycling and entertaining his kids.