Video from Camunda Community Summit 2021

A unified tasklist in microservices!

A unified tasklist in microservices!

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A microservice architecture can help break down the complexity of a company’s workflow landscape into manageable parts. However, for the everyday business operations, employees now have to work on user tasks opened in the context of workflows of various Camunda microservices. I show how one can turn the distributed task forms and UI chunks into a good user experience of a unified, single tasklist.




Stephan Pelikan, WDW eLab GmbH
Stephan Pelikan from Vienna, Austria, began his career as a software developer in the year 1995. He works as a lead developer, software designer, IT architect as well as technical consultant for the WDW eLab GmbH, a Certified Camunda Platinum Partner. Stephan has successfully carried out numerous Camunda projects, plenty of them based on a microservice architecture. As an active member of the Camunda community he is well known for his contributions to the Camunda stack as well as for holding talks.