Video from CamundaCon LIVE 2021

RPA with Camunda in Real Life Projects

Stephan Heigl & Alexander Dziendziol-Dickopf, WDW eLab GmbH

RPA with Camunda in Real Life Projects

Camunda in Action

Our talk shows the successful combination of RPA technologies and the Camunda platform in two customer projects. The scopes and approaches were quite different – from using Camunda for modernization of the processes of the sales department using RPA to communicate with a 3270 CICS host application at the DVAG to the orchestration of different RPA clients in the OREO project at Deutsche Telekom issues.




Stephan Heigl
WDW eLab GmbH


Alexander Dziendziol-Dickopf
CEO, WDW eLab GmbH