CamundaCon 2022: Orchestrating the Future

Build Your Stream Processing Apps Dead Easy Without Dying on the Complexity of Infrastructure and System Integration

Timo Salm, VMWare
Nele Lea Uhlemann, Camunda

Streaming data represents a constant flow of events. Whenever the location of a new-gen car changes, for example, a new event is created. This data should be processed incrementally using stream processing techniques to handle the high throughput. In this session, learn how to implement use-cases with Spring and developer productivity in mind by using a modern application platform on Kubernetes and a workflow engine to maintain state and handle errors in event-driven microservice architectures.

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Timo Salm

Senior Lead DevX Solutions Engineer, VMWare


Timo Salm is based out of Stuttgart in southwest Germany and in the role of the first VMware Tanzu Solutions Engineer for Developer Experience in EMEA with a focus on VMware Tanzu Application Platform and commercial Spring products. In this role, he’s responsible for educating customers on the value, vision, and strategy of these products, and ensuring that they succeed by working closely on different levels of abstractions of modern applications and modern infrastructure. Before Timo joined Pivotal and VMware, he worked for more than seven years for consulting firms in the automotive industry as a software architect and full-stack developer on projects for customer-facing products.

Nele Uhlemann

Developer Advocate, Camunda


Nele Uhlemann is a Developer Advocate at Camunda. Her passion is helping the open source community use and understand Camunda’s technologies and build a bridge between multiple stakeholders that are involved when building Software. Before, Nele worked as a consultant at Camunda, leading workshops with developers and other stakeholders (It-architects, business domains, etc.). She is a process nerd and loves to leverage the full potential of the executable modeling language BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation) to make the life of Software Developers easier and to gain more transparency in Software Development.

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