CamundaCon 2022: Transforming Business

Hyperautomation: How Camunda Is Put to Good Use

Marc Steben, Desjardins

Camunda has been a natural fit within the Desjardins hyperautomation toolkit, which includes RPA, RDA, IDP, DAP, BPMS, BRMS, and process mining tools. This presentation will explore the journey behind Desjardins’ migration from a legacy BPMS platform to Camunda, the governance surrounding Camunda (COE, IT Foundation), and how Camunda is implemented at a high level. Additionally, this presentation will touch on some of the challenges Desjardins encountered and overcome on this migration journey.

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Marc Steben

Product Manager, Desjardins Group


Marc Steben has been the product manager and architect for the processes and decisions foundations at Desjardins since 2016. He has been around process and decision management since 2011. This is his first presentation at CamundaCon.

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