CamundaCon 2022: Camunda in Action

How Decathlon Renovated Its Seven-Year-Old Order Manager in One Year with Camunda

Anthony Callaert, Decathlon

The evolution of the means of sales for Decathlon pushed the organization to drastically modify its monolithic computer system. Limited by the scalability of its current solution, this presentation will show how Camunda helped us to take a giant step towards the SAGA of microservices. This presentation will speak on the design, implementation and other elements of Camunda that allowed Decathlon to implement a new micro-services oriented order manager in only one year.

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Anthony Callaert

Staff Engineer, Decathlon


Passionate about sport for 30 years, I have been working in this field for 8 years now at Decathlon. Today, as a staff engineer, I apply my knowledge to solve technical problems in e-commerce and make sports accessible to the greatest number of people. My favourite domain is the micro-services architecture, their events and their orchestration.

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