Camunda Community Summit 2023: Online

Demo: What’s behind hot backups in Camunda Platform 8.2?

Ole Schönburg, Camunda

Camunda Platform 8.2 ships with hot backups, allowing operators to take backups of the entire Camunda Platform stack without service interruptions or downtime. But what exactly happens when Zeebe takes a backup and how does it ensure that the result is a consistent state of all partitions? Ole will demo the API and integration with AWS S3 to then explore exactly these topics. You will also hear about the theory of distributed snapshots, checkpoints and how safety is guaranteed when partitions communicate with each other over an unreliable network.
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Ole Schönburg

Software Engineer, Camunda

Ole Schönburg

Ole Schönburg is a Software Engineer at Camunda, working on Zeebe. They’ve mostly focused on performance improvements, reliability and the new Hot Backup feature that shipped with Camunda Platform 8.2.

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