Automation in banking examples using Camunda

Banks have undergone a massive shift in their operations due to volatile market dynamics, regulatory changes, and increasing customer demands.

These core processes are critical to improve, but require a delicate approach to maintain continuity and compliance. Watch the presentations below to see why 9 of the top 10 US Banks transform their core banking and financial processes with Camunda.

From legacy to leading-edge:
Hear why leading banks choose Camunda

From omnichannel customer onboarding to straight-through processing for high-performance automation platforms, see how leading financial institutions use Camunda to accelerate digital transformation.

[Goldman Sachs]
Enabling Core Banking with a Centralized Automation Platform

Learn how a centralized Enterprise Process Automation Platform enabled a higher level of automation, adaptability, and performance for Goldman Sachs and its clients.

Hyperautomation: How Camunda Is Put to Good Use

Explore Desjardins' hyperautomation tech stack and how they migrated to Camunda from a legacy BPMS platform.

[Truist Financial]
Improving Customer Experience with Omnichannel Onboarding

Discover Truist’s secret for delivering a seamless customer experience both online, or from one of its 2,000 branches across 15 states and Washington D.C.

[BNY Mellon]
Optimizing Business Process Automation at Scale

Learn how a small team of developers at Bank of New York Mellon solved a complex business process optimization problem to achieve operational success with Camunda.

[Morgan Stanley]
Creating a Next Generation Service Workflow Platform

Gain an inside look into how Morgan Stanley workflow platform that powers an array of services and analytics for key financial processes.

[National Bank of Canada]
Creating a Roadmap for Automation Success

See how National Bank of Canada was able to transform a governance challenge into an opportunity to ramp up Camunda usage and successful automation projects.

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