Process Orchestration Planning for 2024

It’s that time again – where IT and development teams begin to shift focus on automation projects for next year

We’ve compiled a deep dive of resources to help you plan for 2024 focused around:

Lean into process orchestration

Process orchestration helps you work with the people, systems, and devices you already have – while achieving even the most ambitious goals around end-to-end process automation. Learn how process orchestration can be combined with other technologies to get complete coverage of your automation needs.


Scale automation efforts with a CoE

Process orchestration doesn’t fall onto one person - it is a group effort. Having team buy-in and a process to roll out new automations is key. One of the best ways to scale automation is through a Center of Excellence (CoE).

Discover process orchestration use cases

The quantity or diversity of process endpoints, process complexity, and working in silos contributes to the need for process orchestration. Consider a few popular use cases where orchestration drives success.


Leverage AI in automation

AI-powered automation and process orchestration can play a role in everything from carrying out its own tasks, to orchestrating human tasks, to driving continuous improvement. However, to use AI effectively, it must be implemented purposefully.

Maintain a budget

Budget setting is a critical step in determining what automations are the most important and what you can allocate towards software.


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