13 Reasons You Want Camunda Enterprise

Get process orchestration that scales with your business

1. Unlimited process model deployments: Create and deploy as many BPMN process models as your business requires to orchestrate complex business processes across people, systems, and devices.

2. Unlimited decision table deployments: Save time and reduce errors by automating business decisions. Create and deploy unlimited DMN decision tables as part of your business processes.

3. Support for high-volume process and decision instances: Take advantage of Zeebe, the workflow and decision engine that powers Camunda, to execute high volumes of process and decision instances at consistent low latencies.

4. Unlimited modeling users: Bring IT and the business together to create executable process models and decision tables. Onboard new teams without additional licensing fees or administrative overhead.

5. Enterprise-grade customer support: Count on priority response times from our Technical Support team, with optional 24×7 availability.

6.  Production use of Tasklist, Operate, and Optimize for Camunda Self-Managed: Orchestrate human tasks, monitor and troubleshoot processes in production, and get the analytics you need to continuously improve your processes.

7. Support for high-volume task users: Orchestrate high-volume human workflows with an out-of-the-box, web-based application for tasks that need to be done by people.

8. LDAP and Active Directory integration: Connect Camunda to Active Directory or any other LDAP server for easy identity and access management.

9. Support for single sign-on: Allow teams to access Camunda quickly and easily by connecting to your single sign-on provider.

10. Customer success management: Work side-by-side with a dedicated Customer Success Manager to achieve your process orchestration goals.

11. Remote consulting: Collaborate with experts to integrate Camunda into your technology stack, create optimized process models, and ensure your implementation is architecturally sound.

12. Custom training: Get up to speed on BPMN, DMN, and process modeling best practices with private classroom training for anyone who creates, deploys, or maintains business processes in your organization.

13. Annual payment plans: Negotiate terms up-front so you don’t encounter unexpected volume fees.

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